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Our team
Days Inn Hotel Haverhill

A professional, friendly and caring team who are dedicated to ensuring your visit to Days Inn Haverhill is memorable for all the right reasons!

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Our Team

Meet our professional, friendly and caring team who are dedicated to ensuring your visit to Days Inn Haverhill is memorable for all the right reasons!

Donna Revell, General Manager

Kingfisher Bar in hotel

Donna draws upon her years of experience in the hotel and hospitability industry to set and maintain the very high standards at the Days Inn Haverhill.   Recruited as GM before the hotel was opened Donna has been involved in all aspects of the operation and is fully committed to the hotel and her team.

Most memorable moment to date
The night the roof blew off five hours after the hotel opened as a result of being struck by a freak tornado!

Most endearing quality
The ability to stay calm, no matter what!

Ben Rolt, Senior Guest Services Manager

Reservations Manager

Ben is our youngest member of the senior management team.  Helpful and obliging Ben is always happy. He is also an aspiring marketing guru – coming up with some very innovative and creative ideas for our promotions and advertising campaigns.

Most memorable moment to date

Promotion to Reservations Manager.

Most endearing quality
Youth and enthusiasm!

Simon Bolton, Senior Guest Services Manager

Guest Services Manager

Simon is the eternally cheerful “face” of Days Inn Haverhill.  Simon loves talking to people and getting to know them, another great asset in our industry. He is also our networking specialist and is often out and about promoting the hotel and conferencing facilities to local businesses.

Most memorable moment to date
Finally being able to transfer from the Night team to the Day team.

Most endearing quality
His modelling aspirations!

Jenny Daly, Guest Services Manager

Guest Services Manager

Part of the original team Jenny was promoted from a Guest Service Assistant to Guest Services Supervisor and more recently, Guest Services Manager. Jenny’s public relations experience shines through when dealing with our guests.

Most memorable moment to date

Beating everyone in the team at Farmville.

Most endearing quality
Just being lovely.

Tony Large, Night Shift Manager

Night Shift Manager

Tony is often working the night shift and he is the friendly face that will greet you when you arrive late at night, tired and looking for a comfortable bed at our hotel.


Most memorable moment to date
Always up for a laugh Tony dressed up as Santa on Christmas day morning, when the day staff walked in he jumped out shouting 'have you been a good boy? Ho ho ho'. Making everyone jump.

Most endearing quality
His sense of humour.

Kellie Hughes, Guest Service Supervisor

Guest Services SupervisorKellie joined the team in 2010 and her warm and caring nature make her very popular with our regular hotel guests.


Most memorable moment to date

Being a Welsh flower - learning made up cockney slang from her colleagues.

Most endearing quality
The ability to work using her own initiative which makes Donna smile.

Paul Gove, Night Auditor

Guest Services AssistantPaul is new to the Days Inn Haverhill and has been taken under Tony’s wing to “learn the ropes”. Paul has settled into his role well and is always eager to be involved in anything that needs doing.


Most memorable moment to date
Working a Gypsy Wedding whilst training. What a fantastic induction!

Most endearing quality
Calm, patient and laid back.

Stewart Johnstone, Night Auditor

Guest Services AssistantA true Scotsman Stewart is always ready to deal with any unruly guests.


Most endearing quality
Trying to speak slowly so the rest of us can understand him.


Julie Nunn, Guest Service Assistant

Guest Services AssistantJulie Joined the team in 2012 and her glowing bubbly personality makes her a valuable member with both staff and the guests.


Most Memorable Moment.
Going to the bank for the change order and being asked to get 10s and 5s, On her return she had brought back £10 and £5 notes instead of coins.

Most endearing Quality

Her love of ironing tablecloths for functions.

Dan Betts, Guest Service Assistant

Guest Services AssistantThe newest member of the team, Dan has proven to be a valuable member. He is keen to get the job done and helps wherever he can.


Most Memorable Moment.
Dan had researched the hotel chain so well for his interview he knew more than the person conducting it. Clever clogs.

Most endearing Quality

Always wanting to help, and his quick wit.

Stuart Haworth, Maintenance Manager  

Guest Services AssistantStuart has been our Maintenance Manager since day one; he is quite literately the glue that holds the hotel together!  


Most memorable moment to date

Stuart’s sheer determination (his wife would say stubbornness) ensured our decking was stripped back to its former glory.

Most endearing quality
His ability to tell amazing jokes.


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“As a regular business traveller, spending 80+ nights in hotels throughout the UK and Europe, being made to feel 'at home' in a hotel ranks highly on my list as to what a hotel should offer: The staff at the Days Inn Haverhill never fail to impress with their general courteousness, friendliness and professionalism: The hotel offers all that I would expect in terms of comfort and amenities from a chain hotel of this class. If all hotels were up to the standard of the Days Inn Haverhill, then business travel would be a much more pleasant experience.”

Mr A. Prest, Deltech Europe Limited


“I have attended two events here, one happy (party), and one not so happy (funeral tea). On both occasions Simon Bolton Guest Service Manager was extremely competent, professional and extremely helpful. Both events could not be faulted, due to the fantastic team at this hotel. I will not hesitate to make use of their facilities if needed in the future. Thank you to the team at Days Inn Haverhill."

Lee F





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